Thank you!

Boots is now 5 years with me. Right from the start, his BM has been watery and extremely smelly. At  times he had  some droppings on the floor. I had his stool checked by different Vet clinics, with no results. One Vet diagnosed him with irritable bowel syndrome, another with colitis. We had him on IAMS Veterinary Formula – Intestinal low Residue with no success. For months I added Plataeris drops to a little soft food. No improvement.

When the Iams was discontinued, we went back with Hills I/D.

Lately he had more than the usual drops of blood in his stool and he soiled daily outside the litter box.  It got worse and he lost 1/2 pound since September..

The Vet redid the blood tests and re-examined the fecal. None of it, showed anything out of the ordinary. Boots was put on on Metronidazole 100mg. and Hills Feline Z/D. All hell broke loose. He not only soiled in the laundry room, but all over. I don’t minded the cleaning, but he obviously was in much discomfort. I could not reach the Vet that day. I talked to a friend of mine. She recommended you! I went to your store in a flash and there you were, giving me HOPE! I came home with the new canned food. He gobbled it up and threw up within minutes. On the phone Barbara told me, that I gave him too much at one time, silly me.

Within 24 hours, no more leaking stool, and no more vomit. He is back to his old self. If that is not a miracle, I don’t know what is. What a relief this is for the entire household.

Thank you so very much,

Brigitte, Blue and Boots

Delray Beach

February 2011

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