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At Holistic Pet Cuisine in Boca Raton , Florida strives for perfection for your pets!

The health of your pets is our number one concern!

Call and make an appointment for us to introduce your pets to a healthier diet that will extend their lives and make them

happier and healthier in the long run!

Nutrition is the key to a healthy pet!

As we are approaching ten years of service to you and your furry babies we are so proud to be a part of your pet’s life!

Refer a friend and receive a gift for your pet! Just have them mention your name and phone number and we will call you to come in for your special treat!

Cat litter in Boca Raton! Is cat litter important to the health of my pet?



Have you tried the worlds best cat litter?

Litter is so important to the health of your pet!

Do you want your cat to be sitting in cat litter that is treated with chemicals?

Try The World’s Best Cat Litter available at Holistic Pet Cuisine in Boca Raton.

Biodegradable and Flushable Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter™ isn’t made from mined, drilled, or artificially made ingredients. It’s milled from renewable whole-kernel corn and is biodegradable.1 And because it disperses in water, it’s also septic-safe and flushable!2

  • World’s Best Cat Litter™ is pet-, people- and planet-friendly!
  • Unlike other so-called flushable litters, which recommend you wait 20 minutes or more before you flush, World’s Best Cat Litter™ can be flushed right away.
  • World’s Best Cat Litter™ is the only litter made from all-natural whole-kernel corn. There’s nothing on the market like it!

We deliver in Boca Raton and the Palm Beach County area. Call for your delivery!

Holistic Pet Cuisine where nutrition is key and the health of your cat is our priority too!

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