What is the raw diet for kitties? A raw diet for your cats mimics a natural prey diet.









What Our Baked Kibble Delivers
Our protein rich Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Baked Kibble delivers high protein, grain-free kibble coated with our irresistible freeze-dried raw.
The result is a special combination of pure raw nutrition- great taste that dogs are wild about!


Grass-Fed Beef Recipe
Cage-Free Chicken Recipe
Cage-Free Chicken Recipe for Small Breeds
Wild-Caught Whitefish Recipe

Raw Coated Baked Kibble for Small Breeds
Available Sizes: 3.5 lb. & 10 lb.SMALL BREED ADULT

Raw Coated Baked Kibble
Each high-protein, grain-free offering starts with responsibly sourced animal proteins (cage-free poultry, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught fish). Next, we gently bake our kibble resulting in a less processed, more nutritional kibble. Finally, each and every piece is coated with our own special raw goodness! The result is a special combination of pure raw nutrtion and great taste that dogs are wild about!

Protein-rich baked kibble
Coated with our irresistible freeze-dried raw
Grain, gluten, & potato-free
Low carbohydrate😀 diet (only 28% carbs)
Organic fruits and vegetables
Added probiotics for optimal digestion
Rich in omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat
65% pure animal ingredients and natural oils






Raw Blend Baked Kibble


Red Meat Recipe
Cage-Free Recipe

Our Raw Blend recipes deliver a unique combination of protein-rich, grain-free baked kibble coated with our irresistible freeze-dried raw with the addition of whole pieces of freeze-dried meat mixed in! A great tasting and convenient high-protein diet to fuel your pet’s wild side.

Unique blend of proteins in every bowl
Protein-rich baked kibble
Real, freeze-dried raw pieces mixed in
Coated with our irresistible freeze-dried raw
Grain, gluten, & potato-free
Low carbohydrate diet (only 28% carbs)
Organic fruits and vegetables
Added probiotics for optimal digestion
Rich in omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat
70% pure animal ingredients and natural oils

Available Sizes: 3.5 lb., 10 lb. & 22 lb.





Kitties need more than just a dry food diet! Stop UTI’S from happening! 561-241-9151




We want to help your kitty avoid urinary tract infections.

Are your kitties on a dry food or (water depleting diet) alone?

Is your kitty on a dry food with grains diet? If your kitty is eating a dry food diet filled with grains there is a greater chance of your kitty getting a UTI in the near future. Grains will promote a more alkaline urine due to their carbohydrate levels in their foods.

Now is the time to think about preventing trips to your vet as well as painful urination in your kitties! At Holistic Pet Cuisine we continue to educate our clients on the proper foods to feed kitties. Many cat parents are not aware of the dangers of feeding dry food as an only daily diet for their kitties. A diet of dry food will at some point lead to a urinary track infection in your kitties…with possible crystals or bladder stones which can result in a change of their Ph and lead to this common urinary issue in cats. This can become very dangerous for them….

Feeding a dry (water-depleted) food contributes significantly to urinary tract diseases as well as an over abundance of antibiotics in your pet’s system over the course of their lives.

Your cats might already be presenting the following signs of UTI’S!

  • Frequent Attempts to Urinate. …
  • Painful Urination. …
  • Bloody Urine. …
  • Urinating Outside the Litter Box.
  • Straining to Urinate. Feline idiopathic cystitis, also known as bladder inflammation, is the most common cause of lower urinary tract disease in cats.

What do we suggest you do now?

Most cats will protest if their dry food diets are taken away and substituted for a canned or raw diet. We suggest you start decreasing their dry food and adding a moisture filled -grain free canned or raw food diet to their dry foods. We suggest that you give them a moisture filled raw or canned food diet and use a reputable freeze dried cat food to replace their dry food. This will help to prevent your kitties from this very common and painful issue

Just remember, that if your cat is drinking a lot of water now then their system is dehydrated! Cats in the wild will hunt and receive their moisture from their food source. Indoor cats need moisture and crave moisture from their food! 

We can help you find the proper diets for your beautiful kitties…call or make an appointment 561-241-9151 your kitties will thank you …Maggie and Jack do…



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Probiotics and Enzymes provide many benefits to your pets diets. Dry food alone does not contain enough to boost your dog’s immune system. Let Greens help you help your pet! Non GMO

Here are some of the many benefits of living enzymes for your animals

  • Supports the immune system
  • Aids the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food
  • Helps reduce minor food sensitivities
  • Helps promote normal cell growth
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums
  • Reduces occasional bloating, gas, heartburn, and constipation
  • Lessens skin irritation
  • reduced excessive shedding
  • Provides more energy due to better utilization of nutrients
  • Helps remove toxins from the body
  • Bromelain (pineapple) – one of the safest and most powerful enzymes to help break down and digest protein
  • Papain (papaya) – a natural plant-sourced enzyme that works together with bromelain to digest protein
  • Pancreatin – an animal-based pancreatic enzyme providing all three of these enzymes:Protease – helps break down proteins into amino acids for digestionAmylase – for splitting and breaking down long-chain carbohydrates, including starch and glycogen (the energy-storage molecule in animal tissue) for digestion in the small intestineLipase – helps break down and digest fats

Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens provides relief for allergies and food intolerance in your dogs.

Allergies and food intolerance in pets can strike at any age and with any breed.

The most common symptoms are itching, biting and chewing of the feet, face and body, as well as, yeast and skin infections.

Corn, wheat and soy are the most likely source of an allergy but it’s possible to develop unwanted symptoms to any protein, carbohydrate or poorly formulated vet pet food.

Feeding wholesome, pet food is important to preventing food allergies as well as supporting the immune system.

What we like to see

  • eliminating soy, wheat and corn (most common allergens)
  • foods that are formulated with  a ratio of omega 3 and  6 essential fatty acids
  • Make sure that your treats  follow these same protocols
  • Expect improvement over the next 3-6 weeks
  • Use of holistic pet cuisine Greens will allow for a faster improvement with many or all your dogs issues.

QUERCITIN, your pet’s allergy relief! Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens works to remove the histamine from your dog’s system.

What does Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens contain that is not in your foods or your medicines?

Allergies are so common in Dogs and Cats ! 

At Holistic Pet Cuisine we see  pet parents running to the vet for a solution for allergy symptoms! 
Your vet can suggest  eliminating certain foods from your pet’s diet but what happens when there is no reason for your pets red itchy and scratchy skin?
Most pet parents come in with their allergy reports and the only thing their dogs are allergic to is the outdoors, dust mites or pollen!

You can’t confine your dog to a room and not let them get outside- that would be impossible!
If this sounds familiar, there is something  that is safe and will effectively relieve your dog of his symptoms. Relieve the Itch with Nature’s Benadryl: Quercetin




Quercetin is a flavonoid that has anti-oxidant, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. When your dog has an allergic reaction, his body releases histamines to try and rid the body of the allergen and this is what causes red, itchy skin, watery eyes etc. 

Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens provide  Quercetin that works well for allergic symptoms because it turns of histamine production and also reduces inflammation.

Why use Benedryl when our product will work the same without the sleepy effects? 

Quercetin helps to inhibit cellular activity responsible for inflammation which mean itching is reduced. It can also help with asthma related allergies. 

Quercitin is a natural flavonoid that is found in the skin of certain fruits and veggies.

Bromelain and Quercetin combined together as in our Greens supplement will inhibit the compound that is responsible for pain and inflammation. These two substances work together like a powerhouse, removing the body of histamines and relieving your pet of those annoying allergy symptoms!

Since our environment is filled with more and more toxins and our dogs are extremely sensitive to these toxins we need to reduce their inflammation which is stored in our dogs cells and stay there for their entire life. Quercitin will provide relief! Our testimonials prove that!

To sum it up , Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens provides your dogs with not only Quercitin (which will remove the histamine from your  dog’s liver and their systems which  will then work to reduce the red and scaly skin that you are seeing on your dogs bodies. 

Are toxins building up in your pets? Vaccines, monthly flea,tick and heart worm preventatives will remain in your pet’s system if you don’t help them remove the toxins. Our pet supplement will help boost their immune system. Greens works.561-241-9151

Are Toxins building up in your pet’s bodies?

Yes! For Sure!

Our pets are loaded with all kinds of chemicals in their bodies!Environmental toxins, Vaccines, Monthly flea and tick preventatives, monthly heartworm preventatives…..just to name a few.

It really does not matter where the toxins are coming from they are accumulating in your pet’s bodies on a daily basis.Your pet’s liver and kidneys clear their bodies of many toxins…. that is if they are able to…If your pet’s digestive tract is not properly breaking down nutrients then you can be sure their kidneys and liver are not removing these toxins.If toxins can’t be removed through their normal detox processes then several problems will happen to your pets.

Does your pet scratch and itch their bodies on a daily basis?

Is your pet’s skin dry and scaly?

Does your pet have tearstains?

Is your pet’s immune system at it’s optimal place?

What can we do to help with their internal issues that we don’t even notice until it is too late?



We all know that diet plays a huge part in the way we feel it also plays a huge part in the way your pet’s feel.

At Holistic Pet Cuisine we know that diet makes all the difference in the way your pet’s function and live their lives. We start by reviewing what your pet’s are currently on and we go from there…

Does your pet’s diet contain by-product, wheat gluten, Red 40,artificial coloring, soy just to mention a few?

Then your pet is not receiving the proper nutrition.

We need to take control of what your pet’s are eating and help them feel better. They can’t talk to us so we need to be proactive!

If your pet takes walks, plays out in the grasses then he is exposed to environmental toxins.

Our Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens provides your pets with the necessary ingredients to clean house…so to speak…


Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens is your pets probiotic! Order now and watch the results. 


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