Does your dog suffer with allergies? K9Biotics works to remove the allergy from your dog’s system!

Does your dog have allergies? Dog allergies like flea allergy dermatitis and food allergies occur in many dogs. There are safer ways in which to treat your dog suffering from allergies than medicine.

If you have a dog that is continuing to suffer from digestive issues such as gas, diarrhea or occasional throwing up and also has any of these additional symptoms such as irritated eyes, ear infections, swollen paws, itchy or inflamed red skin, or just tear stains then our human grade all natural dog supplement is right for them.

Dogs can develop a food allergy at any point in their lives. Help your pet feel the best it can for their entire life by boosting their immune system with the proper foods as well as an all in one natural supplement to sprinkle on their foods.

Our product contains Quercitin as well as 40+ additional ingredients that work together to make your pup a strong and healthy dog!


Why does your pet need K9Biotics?

Our product naturally maintains the balance in your pet’s immune system. The benefits with k9Biotics are similar to using an immune support for your dog, but without the negative effects that come with medicine. K9Biotics has a full spectrum of ingredients which offer your dog the support he needs for his peak health and performance throughout his life, reducing your pet health costs!

K9Biotics provides your pets with the benefits of the grasses, fruits, and plant material their wild counterparts get from eating their herbivore prey. Prevention is the key to our pets developing “human” health problems! Pets require more than just processed foods in their daily diets.

Maintaining your dog’s skin & coat, joints, cardiovascular system, immune system, digestive system, nervous system, urinary system, endocrine system will allow for a long and healthy life. Even the best canned and dry foods can lose most of their nutrients during the processing stage which will leave them with only “adequate” amounts of nutrition.  Even home cooked foods and raw diets can lack essential vitamins and minerals. “Adequate” isn’t sufficient for optimal health! Dogs often need extra support for the innumerable effects of stress, illness, aging, medications, environmental toxins and especially vaccinations.

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