Urinary Tract Infections in cats and dogs and a few quick points to help you help your pets.

Did you know that there are two types

of urinary stones? Struvites and Calcium Oxalate.

Our motto is moisture…moisture…


Many clients come into our market and ask us how do we prevent their dogs and cats from having a UTI?

We explain to them that their animals need more moisture from their foods and not from their water bowls ONLY!

  • If there is not enough moisture in your pets diets then your pet will create a Ph that is not favorable and a trip to the vet will be necessary.


  • We recommend to our clients that adding a moist or raw diet to their daily diets can keep their cats and dogs at a more favorable urine Ph.

  • A Urine Ph of 7.0 and higher indicates an alkaline urine.

  • Diets that are high in carbs and grains (like many dry food diets contain only 10% moisture) and may cause an alkaline urine.

  • Remember that certain medications will also change the Ph in your pets as well….Now onto calcium oxalates!


  • Calcium Oxalates are formed in a more concentrated urine with more acidity. Dry food contains 10% moisture and wet or raw food diets contains 70% moisture. Feeding a canned food diet or a raw diet to your pet’s diets will creat a more neutral urine Ph.

  • Prednisone and other cortisone-type medications which are usually prescribed for inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis, itchy skin or IBD which can form calcium Oxalate Stones.Please remember this know fact!

  • Uroliths can pose a more serious problem for your male dogs,because their urine travels through a hollow bone that surrounds the urethra within the penis. This bone cannot stretch or expand to allow for  a stone to travel through it, and therefore there can be an obstruction and a painful experience for your pets.

  • Bottom line is to get your cats and dogs on more moisture which can save them from the pain and suffering of these different types of issues.


Holistic Pet Cuisine where nutrition is the key to good health in your pets.



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Boca Raton, Florida 33487

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