Holistic Pet Food in Boca Raton for dogs and cats battling allergies! 561-241-9151

Allergies in pets can stop them in their tracks. Is your pet battling allergies?

BY Feeding pets with allergies a healing, non-allergenic foods on a daily basis will allow for your pets immune systems to rest.

A pet’s immune system needs to be offered a natural, wholesome and biologically appropriate diet in order to start their healing process. We do believe in a variety of proteins for your pets but you must start with a hypoallergenic diet and then build on that as your dog starts healing from their allergies. Nutritional variety is not only necessary to maintain a healthy life but it’s absolutely necessary for a healthy immune system.

We can help you find the proper protein for your pet’s daily diet.We can also advise you as to what additional items are necessary to keep your pet’s immune system strong from all their monthly flea preventatives.

Read some of our testimonials on our website and you will be a convinced pet parent!
Your pets will thank you!!


We are located at 1000 Clint Moore Road

In Boca Raton.

Call us for a free consultation!


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