Healthy Pet Supplement at Holistic Pet Cuisine in Boca Raton 561-241-9151

What is in our new Holistic Pet Supplement?
Have a minute? Read this great article. One quote from this article below says it all –
“Holistic veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker recommends chlorella as a super green food that is a natural detoxifying agent that can help with toxic buildup from perpetrators like pesticides and herbicides, vaccinations, unhealthy pet food, chemical pest preventatives including those for fleas, ticks and heartworm and just plain old environmental pollution. After repeated exposure of these kinds of toxins, chemicals and heavy metals, your pet’s organs will start to wear out from overload. And then you’ll see the symptoms and chronic conditions start to appear, she says.” Quote in article by Holistic Veterinarian Karen Becker Pet Cuisine Greens

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