Did you know that nutrition is the key to a strong and healthy immune system for your four legged friends? 561-241-9151

At Holistic Pet Cuisine, we strive to achieve a perfect balance for your cats and dogs. What does that mean? It means finding the proper diets and supplements for each and every one of your pets. The foods we suggest to you for your furry pets will not only provide them with a strong and healthy immune system but will allow for them to grow and become stronger in their own bodies! They must have the ability to  fight off any illnesses that they are exposed to daily.The environment we live in exposes our pets to all types of pesticides, chemicals and other toxins that are sprayed on the grasses,streets as well as in the dog parks we frequent daily.

In the last 10 years,we have seen your puppies grow through adulthood and into being healthy seniors while remaining strong and free of illnesses.Our pet parents know that healthy food makes all the difference!  Since not all food is created equal, we strive to find the proper fit for each and every dog and cat that comes into our store. We know that they are all different and should be handled that way… We strive for perfection from A to Z and our pet parents know it.

If you are having skin issues or digestive issues and you have taken your pet to the vet but to no avail then now is the time to convert to a holistic diet for your pets.




Our testimonials speak for themselves!


1000 Clint Moore Road

Boca Raton, Fla 33487







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