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image20150721103837  Are you a raw feeder or a dry feeder?

Primal Pet Food makes an amazing freeze dried food for you cats and dogs…I use them and can’t believe the results that I have with my animals. Now is the opportunity to come in and try not only their treats but their freeze dried formulas….Cut the coupon and we will honor this coupon for freeze dried formulas too..Take the Primal Road Trip you won’t waste your time.


Take a Primal road trip: Our freeze-dried raw formulas make it easy to travel with your pets this summer!

Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas offer many ways to feed your pet raw. With it’s shelf-stable form, the convenience can’t be beat. You can take it anywhere. Simply serve as is or rehydrate by adding water or Primal raw goat milk! Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas are available in 5 canine and 3 feline varieties. It’s an easy way to introduce more raw foods into your pet’s diet in a variety of ways. Think you’ve got freeze-dried figured out? Then take our pop-quiz!

If you selected D) all of the above, then you know that our larger 14-ounce size is great for larger pets or multi-pet households while our 5.5-ounce size offers additional options for feeding your pets. While Primal’s Freeze-Dried Formulas are complete diets, the smaller 5.5-ounce size works well for treating or as a topper. Choose from these complete diet varieties in both sizes:
Canine Beef Formula
Canine Chicken Formula
Canine Duck Formula
Canine Lamb Formula
Canine Pork Formula
Canine Turkey & Sardine
Feline Beef & Salmon Formula
Feline Chicken & Salmon Formula
Feline Pork Formula
Feline Turkey Formula
Please enjoy the attached coupons below to get you started!
Raw Goat Milk Looking to supercharge your pet’s freeze-dried meals? Try using our Primal Raw Goat Milk to rehydrate instead of water. It’s an easy way to add needed moisture as well as additional nutrition!

Why Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas?
Quality sourcing makes all the difference.
Primal Pet Foods takes great pride and honor in the manufacturing processes of all products produced and packaged by our company. Our commitment to our customers and their beloved pets is to provide the highest quality foods using only human-grade ingredients of superior quality and origin. We have secured strong, long-term relationships with all of our vendors and have great trust and confidence in the raising, growing, handling, processing and packaging procedures of each and every one of our suppliers.

Here’s why we know you’ll trust our freeze-dried formulas for your pets! We check all the boxes:
Made in the USA
Meats free of added hormones,
steroids and antibiotics
Organic produce
No synthetic vitamins or supplements
Species appropriate diets for dogs and cats
Complete diets prepared in human food facilities
Highest safety standards including test and hold process confirming absence of Salmonella and E coli with every batch.

Be sure to try our Freeze-Dried Formulas varieties for your pets. It’s a great way to expand your pet’s raw rotation!

Holistic Pet Cuisine

1000 Clint Moore Road

Boca Raton, Florida 33487



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