New Cat Treats at Holistic Pet Cuisine 561-241-9151

New Cat Treats at Holistic Pet Cuisine 561-241-9151

We carry a full line of cat treats that are only made in the USA and only contain real meat for your real carnivore cat! At Holistic Pet Cuisine in Boca Raton we have the largest assortment of canned, dry and raw/freeze dried diets for your kitties…We not only carry one item in a line if we believe in it we carry the full line of products. Come check out the assortment and start your new kitties, adult cats and even mature cats on a healthy and holistic diet made especially for them. Ask this question…does my cat’s food contain by products, gluten , corn , soy or any form of ingredients that are not designed for a carnivore. Check out the food you currently are feeding and if it does then bring in a can and we will swap it our for a holistic one…
1000 Clint Moore Road
Boca Raton , Florida 33487

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