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For those kitties that are on a dry food diet now is the time to convert them to wet food and here are some of the reasons why you must ….especially for male cats.

Do you know what Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is?

I suggest that you learn about this disease before you have to deal with this disease.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is one of the most frustrating syndromes in veterinary medicine. At the least, cats suffer from uncomfortable urination and frequent trips to the litter box.

What are some of the causes of this disease?

I see many clients coming into our store with cats suffering from this disease and I clearly ask them what are they feeding them and 9 out of 10 clients are feeding them a dry food diet with no wet moisture in their diets. They tell me that their cats don’t eat wet food and I say to them do they free feed? Most of the times they say Yes! What cat would rather have “crunchy food” than wet food”? Did you know there are more carbohydrates which cats do not need in dry food and this is the main reason they do not eat their wet food….Thus causing UTI’S.

How can a cat who is a carnivore that requires the moisture from an animal not get a diet filled with moisture to help prevent this disease?

Dry food has no moisture LIKE WET FOOD and does not allow for the urinary tract to flush out these nasty crystals that will form in the urinary tract and stay there forming UTI’S.

Why do male cats suffer more than female cats? Why do male cats need to be on wet foo only?

The difference between a female urethra is like a wide straw while the male urethra is like a thin coffee stirrer. This causes a build up for male cats that is always painful and could create a possible obstruction. This is so dangerous and for those that continue to feed a dry food diet especially to a male cat is making a mistake that will cause possible surgery in the long run.

Why do cat owners think that watering down dry food help with preventing this problem in cats?

This method only causes the development of harmful bacteria that live dormant in spores on the dry food. Cats need the moisture from wet foods to nourish their cells and create the moisture that is needed to flush out these crystals that remain in their urinary tracts.

Did you know that grains can cause the urine to become more alkaline?

What do what most people feed their cats?    Grains in their dry foods!

Crystals form in the urine only when it is alkaline and the magnesium reacts with the alkalinity to create struvite crystals.

What you need to do is lower the alkalinity of the diet rather than removing the magnesium and this can be done with the proper nutrition through wet food!

You must keep the pH balance in the urinary tract balanced!

Why are we waiting for this disease to take hold? Why can’t we prevent this before it happens ?

Cats that have formed a stone are at increased risk for recurrence …please start them on a wet food …visit your local holistic pet food and let them discuss the benefits with you of feeding wet food to your kitties.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, cats are not natural water drinkers, as they evolved over millions of years and derived most of their moisture from their prey. Cats that are routinely fed a diet of dry food are particularly at risk for struvite crystals.

We can suggest many foods to prevent UTI’S in your kitties…just call us and ask us about preventing UTI’S IN YOUR KITTY.

Please consult your veterinarian if you currently have a cat with this issue.

Prevention is the key to preventing urinary tract infections in cats….and dogs…


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