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We post these testimonials not for the compliments…we post them so that the many pet lovers out there know that there are other methods other than always medicine to help
an animal live a healthy and well deserved life.
We are not in anyway stating that medicine should not be part of the protocol we just want everyone to know that
Nutrition is the key to good health!

Thank you Joan!

While searching the Web to find help for our 12 year old persian (Cari), who is suffering from Feline IBD, I was fortunate to come across Holistic Pet Cuisine and called them. I had become desperate as we had taken Cari to five different Vets during the past year and spent a fortune to watch our baby continue to get sicker, with no sign of relief. We felt helpless as her health was going downhill and we knew we were loosing her. The horrible side effects of the large amount of steroids were making her miserable!
The problem with feline IBD is there is no cure and the only option you have is to control the symptoms. This is where we got lucky and came across Barbara and Cathy at Holistic Pet cuisine. They really cared and took the time to explain what was going on with our baby. We had been giving her dry food which is an absolute No No! They put her on a diet of wonderful, organic food and taught us to feed her in small amounts during the day so that her little body had a chance to digest what we were giving her. We added a few supplements they suggested, along with a small dose of Budesonide daily, and we are heading in the right direction.
Our hope is to eventually get her off the Budesonide, while controlling her symptoms completely through her diet. She is the matriarch of our 3 cat family, which are all now enjoying Holistic Pet Cuisine.
Thank you so much for your help and concern!!!
Joan B

Thank you Joan for letting us know that your cat’s are doing much better at this time.
At Holistic Pet Cuisine we continue to search ay for the right products that will help your furry family members feel better and live a healthy life.ImageImage





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