Does you dog eat poop? Coprophagia. Let Holistic Pet Cuisine introduce your pet to digestive enzymes to boost his immune system. 561-241-9151

Dogs eat poop for lots of reasons. There may be an  underlying medical issue lsuch as a enzyme deficiency or pancreatic insufficiency. This is called Coprophagia!

A dog’s pancreas secretes digestive enzymes to help in food digestion, but many dogs don’t make enough enzymes and wind up becoming deficient in these enzymes.

Dogs on a processed dry food diet will often look for other foods to give them the sufficient  sources of digestive enzymes to make up for a enzyme deficiency brought on by a biologically inappropriate diet.

Let us introduce your pet to a digestive enzyme supplement that will help  your dog get the digestive enzymes that he so desperately needs in his diet.

Feed a diet containing unprocessed protein such as a raw diet  and supplement with probiotics and digestive enzymes to help curb your pet’s urge to find disgusting leftovers other animals ” poops” !Image

Holistic Pet 

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