Merrick has a new line of canned and dry cat food for your kitties. Available at Holistic Pet Cuisine in Boca Raton.We deliver or ship to your home or office. 561-241-9151

Purrfect-Bistro_3oz_Duck-PateMerrick has a new line of dry and canned cat food called Purrfect Bistro.

It is available in an adult formula, weight management formula and a senior diet.

They are also introducing a full line of new flavors in their canned cuisine.

Check out our website for ingredients and pricing on our items.

Purrfect-Bistro_3oz_Beef-PatePurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Beef-WellingtonPurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Chicken-a-la-KingPurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Chicken-CasserolePurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Chicken-DivanPurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Chicken-PatePurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Cowboy-CookoutPurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Salmon-PatePurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Thanksgiving-Day-DinnerPurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Tuna-NicoisePurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Tuna-PatePurrfect-Bistro_3oz_TurduckenPurrfect-Bistro_3oz_Turkey-PatePurrfect-Bistro-seniorPurrfect-Bistro-weightget-attachment-11000 Clint Moore Road

Boca Raton, Florida 33487



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