Can a change in pet food help my pet? Yes! Holistic Pet Cuisine 561-241-9151

For those of you that think that diet can not change the way my pet is feeling then read some of the testimonials to reveal some wonderful changes in other pet parents …..



Hi Barbara,

Thanks for the email. Just wanted to let you know that Avery LOVES her new raw food. She seems to have taken to the chicken really well. She was not sick at all yesterday from it. For the past few months she has had really loose stools. She only went once yesterday, down from 5 or 6 times a day when she was eating Merrick dry food. My husband was the one who took her out and he said it looked healthy and normal. Finally. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that her skin condition starts to clear up but so far, so good ūüôā

– Sara

Delray Beach, Florida

I have some great news to share. My cat Abbie has been by my side for 16 years. The past couple of months she has been declining…Inflammatory Bowel Disease, enlarged heart, and she lost half her body weight. Here is where the good news comes in. I saw Barbara at www. HOLISTIC PET, and she recommended changing her food to raw. I have been slightly cooking rabbit “bricks” for Abbie to eat. She went from 6.9lbs to 7.5lbs in the past 7 days. This is huge. Her fur is shiny and softer than ever. I have seen first hand how what you eat greatly impacts your health. Something for us all to remember.


Boca Raton ,Florida

I wanted to thank you for turning us on to Embark raw food for Toby, my little Min Pin.  He is a about 15 years old and weighs 10 lbs, we adopted him six years ago but we are not certain of his real age.
Since Toby became part of our family, he has suffered from digestive problems: About 3-5 times a¬†month he would have a “non-eating episode”. It would start by his¬†intestines making¬† a¬†loud growling and “howling”¬†¬†noise, episodes did mostly¬†start at night.¬†The loud¬†growling did¬†wake me up every time, it¬†also made Toby very uncomfortable and¬†not able to rest.¬† At that point, it took him about¬†12 – 48 hours before he would be able to eat again.¬† He had prescription medication to alleviate his symptoms but these med’s¬†did not prevent these episodes.¬† He also was prescribed Pepcid AC regularly – no help there either.¬† Nor did any other diet help.¬† In addition to these “non-eating” episodes Toby had often diarrhea and his stool always was very runny and mucous.
Once I switced Toby over to Embark, all of the digestive symptoms disappeared!  He has been eating his meals daily, his stool has been normal, and he has a lot more energy for an older dog. He has been on this diet since July 2011, about 4 months now, and it has made all the difference.
Once again, thank you for recommending Embark raw diet for Toby!
Birgitta Mangs
Boca Raton, Florida

Comments : Back in April I received one of my puppies I placed 9 years ago (her mommy passed away) Poor Frankie had to watch her mom die, virtually no care was given her. Her coat was gone, teeth dark brown with tarter. I immediately started her on EaglePack – Salmon and Barbara told me to also feed the \”Perference\”. Last weekend I groomed Frankie taking a look at her teeth. I’d love to send you a photo, they are so white! Her coat is back and she’s looking GREAT! Thank you for your assistance.



Boots is now 5 years with me. Right from the start, his BM has been watery and extremely smelly. Attimes he hadsome droppings on the floor. I had his stool checked by different Vet clinics, with no results. One Vet diagnosed him with irritable bowel syndrome, another with colitis. We had him on IAMS Veterinary Formula Intestinal low Residue with no success. For months I added Plataeris drops to a little soft food. No improvement.

When the Iams was discontinued, we went back with Hills I/D.

Lately he had more than the usual drops of blood in his stool and he soiled daily outside the litter box.It got worse and he lost 1/2 pound since September..

The Vet redid the blood tests and re-examined the fecal. None of it, showed anything out of the ordinary. Boots was put on on Metronidazole 100mg. and Hills Feline Z/D. All hell broke loose. He not only soiled in the laundry room, but all over. I dont minded the cleaning, but he obviously was in much discomfort. . I talked to a friend of mine. She recommended your store! I went to your store in a flash and there you were, giving me HOPE! I came home with the new canned food.

Within 24 hours, no more leaking stool, and no more vomit. He is back to his old self. If that is not a miracle, I don’t know what is. What a relief this is for the entire household.


Thank you so very much,


Brigitte, Blue and Boots

Maggie, nine and a half (left) and Lexi, seven, next month (right) demanded that I tell you how happy they are now and how great they feel after being on their new, raw diets that you recommended. In two weeks, Lexi will have her first ever itch free birthday!

Born and raised in Arizona until we moved here in July, they are half-sisters from the same blue-ribbon winning dad but different blue-ribbon winning moms. Dad was truly a stud, they tell us! Lexi has always had severe allergies. Her skin was continuously developing little welts and she was forever scratching and licking herself and just plain miserable. We tired everything short of the expensive allergy tests, to figure out what was wrong. The dermatologist vet thought it was the desert grass and trees and the move here might help her. It did not.


For the last year we have been making their food from the human food we eat, thinking that might help. It did not but it tasted pretty good! After a month on raw formulas Lexi is welt, rash and itch free! She is full of life and one, really happy and calm girl. Maggie too is a new girl. She has lost almost a whole pound, is so full of energy and has become puppy-like all over again. They both love you and thank you so much.


Roz and I too want to sincerely say thank-you for all your patience and diligence with Lexi, our very picky eater and Maggie, who eats anything and everything! We know they are healthy and happy, their weight is right and they will probably live longer, pain free lives because of your work. (Maybe I should try this stuff!)


Rosalynn & Walt

Boynton Beach, Florida

Dear Barb, Pure JOY spending time with you today !! Thank you for you knowledge and sincere concern for Missy’s “issues” ūüôā Came home and gave them their chicken treats and you would have thought I had brought them home a live CHICKEN!! hahahhahha.
I am so excited to start them on their RAW food tomorrow and I promise that I will remember to take it out before bed!!
You are an awesome lady!
I thank you ( & Howard) for caring for our “special creatures” and helping me make their life healthier!!!
Warmly, Suzanne
Boca Raton

It was certainly a pleasure meeting you last evening and I can’t thank you enough for sharing all your expertise. I am extremely impressed by your sincere concern regarding each individual’s pet’s needs.I have spoken to MANY companies in the last several months, and believe me when I say there is NO comparison to the customer service you provide.I walked away feeling confident that Sofi’s health issues will be resolved as long as you are right there with me guiding me!

The products I purchased from you can be purchased from other locations, but you have my promise that only you will receive my business.  I want to see you and your husband be the success that you should be.  I certainly hope everyone that you have assisted feels the same way.  A business such as yours deserves to be thriving.  The time you took with me to make sure I was purchasing only what Sofi needs right now was so impressive.  I am still in amazement this morning of the time you took with me, the questions you asked and the detailed explanations you gave as to your guidance.


I intend to do exactly as you recommended and I look forward to giving you an update of Sofi’s improvement!  Thank you again and again.



Kathy W

Delray Beach , Fl

My dogs would have daily yeast in between their paws but until I found Holistic Pet Cuisine and changed their diet did this problem go away.They are truly amazing and saved my dogs life. I will drive miles just to have them in my life

Michelle A.

Parkland, Fla

Dear Barbara & Howard,

Samantha has been on Primal raw diet for the past year, her coat is nice & white & it has a nice sheen to it.


The allergies she had before are at a minimum. Less scratching & she’s more energetic.¬†

Our two new additions are benefiting as well on Dehydrated for Breakfast & Primal for dinner. 

Thanks again for all your support when I come into the store. 

Love all the products you carry  for their benefit, especially thier Skin/Coat Supplement.

                                                                    Thanks again, 

       Bridget & Rob & our three  



Bianca, Beau & Sammy

Boca Raton, Florida

I had a dog that was diagnosed with diabetes and Barbara went out of her way to help me find the correct food for my 8 year old dog. Well, she did and my vet can not believe the results of the food that he was put on…Thank you Holistic Pet Cuisine.


B. Andrews

Wellington, Florida


The results at Holistic Pet Cuisine were amazing.I have never seen such knowledge, follow through, care and love come out of one store.You have helped my dog live the life he deserves. The raw diet has saved his life.

Thank you so much.



Lighthouse Point , Florida

1000 Clint Moore Road

Boca Raton, Florida 33487













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