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Howard & Barbara

As you know I have a 10 year old American pit bull terrier “little” that has been plagued with skin allergies. My wife and I have spent a large amount of money on visits to the Vet, pills, allergy testing and allergy shots. We realized through the testing that Little was allergic to many common food ingredients while also suffering from many environmental allergies.

After roughly three years of up and down results with medications, we were still fighting dry skin, poor looking coat, itching, hair loss etc.

Four weeks ago we decided that we were no longer going to give Little the medications due to cost and also because they simply were not working.

At that time you recommended a change to his diet, supplementing with fish oils and also incorporating some RAW.

I am pleased to tell you that within 3 days I could see a difference. > One month has passed and Little has never looked better! The dry skin is gone. His coat is silky smooth with a beautiful shine and his hair has completely filled in!

We are feeding the Great life- fish oil/day and supplementing Primal canine  RAW formula . \

Thank you for all of your help!

Dan Elchert

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