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Can you prevent UTI’s from developing? In some cases yes!

by Barbara Ratner on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 8:02am

How do you prevent UTI’s in dogs and cats?


So you have a dog or cat that has chronic UTI’s (urinary tract infections) and you are constantly taking them to the vet for antibiotics and a veterinarian diet to prevent them from forming.

But…they keep coming back!


How does that happen?


Do you know the differences between “struvite” and ” calcium oxalate crystals”?

Animals with urine that is too alkaline can be prone to struvite crystals!

Crystals can turn into stones very quickly so you need to respond with more moisture and not only from their water bowls!

Animals with urine that is too acidic can develop “calcium oxalate stones”.


The two main types of crystals ate diametrically opposed to one another.

You have to be very careful when trying to treating crystals yourself. Most people try acidifying the urine by adding supplements that make the urine more acidic but this is a challenge unless you know what you are doing. Most do not so be careful and always partner with your vet .

Always remember If you make the urine too acidic than you are dealing with acidic urine and possible calcium oxalate stones which are harder to treat!

“But I have a water bowl down on the floor at all times” I hear this everyday. Most people think that having a water bowl available for their pets is enough. If this were true then there would be fewer cats and dogs with constant UTI’S and painful trips to the vet.

Diet and nutrition play a major part in your pets diet. It always amazes me to see cats and dogs left on a dry food diet with only their water bowls to supply the moisture they need. Cats and more recently dogs are constantly afflicted with UTI’S and the main reason for that is there is no moisture in their dry food diets!

Always remember that although we all worry about our their teeth we do not question what is going on throughout their bodies? We hear from everyone that “our dogs need dry food for their teeth” but we still take our dogs for their annual dental cleaning.

Keep one thing in mind that moisture from the food source will keep the urinary tract hydrated and prevent toxins like bacteria and crystals to form.

If you pet has been afflicted only once with UTI’S then dry food is not for them because it will come back if left on the same type of diet.

Don’t be against canned “wet” food it can be your pets best friend!

Come in and let us show you what we recommend in preventing these painful UTI’S from forming.

Be proactive and your pet will thank you!








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