Where nutrition is key at Holistic Pet Cuisine!Does your dog or cat suffer from IBD?


Probiotics literally mean “life” or supporting life.

Probiotics work in conjunction with the immune system by producing special enzymes and other chemicals that support a healthy system. If your dog is on an antibiotic to kill the “bad bugs” your dog needs a probiotic to keep the “good guys” strong! Not only will it keep the “bad guys” like salmonella in check it will also change the way your dog breaks down his food and goes to the bathroom!

Your dogs inner nature is different from any other dog. This is also true of his digestive flora. Just think about it your dog wakes up, goes outside, eats something off the ground and bingo his beneficial microbes change from good to bad in minutes!

You must feed the good bacteria in your dogs intestines so that he will get the most out of his food.

This is where the “building of his immune system ” comes into play.

There is a strong connection between imbalance in your dogs intestines and the following common health issues:

asthma, food allergies, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and yes arthritis!

If your dog has any of the symptoms mentioned above then you need to write me back and let me assist you in finding the right probiotics for your dogs needs.

Probiotics are absolutely necessary to help:

1. manufacture B group vitamins, biotin and folic acid 2. reduce blood cholesterol levels 3. improve lactose intolerance 4. detoxify harmful chemicals (like the monthly “flea” chemicals ” that your dog is on to prevent flea bites!) You will not hear me mention any brands of flea repellants in my blog other than “natural” ones to prevent fleas and ticks….(this subject will be in future blogs to come) 5. Remove toxins ingested through foods (pesticides and herbicides) 6. absorb nutrients, antioxidants and iron from your dogs diets 7. reduces inflammation 8. reduced food intolerances (For ex: gluten and lactose )

Just remember that a pet that has beneficial bacteria is better equipped to fight the growth of unhealthy organisms!!

Get that probiotic today and give your pet the health that he so deserves!







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