Flea Season is here in Florida. Let Holistic Pet Cuisine Boca Raton introduce you to a hugh assortment of all natural flea and tick repellants!

1000 Clint Moore Road

Boca Raton, Florida 33487




It is Flea Season Time!


Fleas are tiny, hard-shelled insects with incredible muscle power in their hind legs; they can jump 4-5 feet horizontally (or nearly a foot straight up).

Most chemicals kill only adult fleas or adults and larvae. That leaves thousands of little eggs and cocoons just ready to embark.

There are many ways to repel these nasty fleas with essential oils. These essential oils not only repel fleas but help soothe the skin if your pet is bitten by a flea.

We recommend all natural flea powders, all natural flea sprays and all natural flea collars.

Please know that chemical spot-on flea products contain powerful and potentially dangerous pesticides, and should be considered a last resort for animals with severe flea allergies.

These chemical products will transfer to human skin when your dog is brushed, hugged or just kissed. This can be dangerous to children as well as adults.

Chemical spot on treatments can cause severe adverse reactions in your pets which include excessive salivation, skin rashes,hyperactivity,seizures just to name a few.

We carry a wide assortment of all natural flea treatments. We do not sell any chemical products .

We carry all natural products at our market in Boca Raton.

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