Water, water everywhere BUT not in our pets foods. Do you add a wet food to your cat or dogs diets?

If your dog or cat is on a dry food diet then they are not receiving enough moisture in their diets. I know we are told that a dog or cat needs dry food to clean their teeth (how many dogs do you see chewing their foods?)BUT moisture is as important!

Can we all just brush our  pet’s teeth on a more regular basis?

I hear from many clients that they are under the impression that they have to stay on a dry food or their dog’s teeth will suffer from a build up of plaque. Do you ever hear anything about the need for moisture in  their foods? Without this necessary moisture from their pet foods their kidneys will have to work harder and they run the risk of chronic UIT’S, crystals and bladder stones.

Please consider the use of a good quality canned food added to your dogs diet on a daily basis.

We can help you find the right combination of dry and canned foods available at Holistic Pet Cuisine.



1000 Clint Moore Road

Boca Raton, Florida 33487

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