The new freeze dried process put into effect at Stella and Chewy’s

Stella and Chewy’s Raw and Freeze Dried available at Holistic Pet Cuisine in Boca Raton, Florida

Information on freeze-drying Freeze-drying is a process that enables us to remove the moisture from our products without cooking. The product is first frozen and then put into a freeze dryer. Inside the freeze dryer, powerful pumps create a vacuum and extremely cold temperatures. Very low levels of heat are applied to the shelves on which the trays of product sit, enabling the ice within the meat to “sublimate” directly into water vapor, skipping the liquid stage. The product changes from frozen to freeze-dried without ever being thawed or cooked, thereby retaining all of the nutritional value of raw meat, minus the water. With Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dinners and Treats, you get the best of both worlds; the benefits of raw food with the convenience of a dry food.

Holistic Pet Cuisine cares about your pets. We are very happy to see Stella and Chewy’s using the new freeze dried process. We carry the largest selection of Stella and Chewy’s Pet Food in Boca Raton as well as the South Florida and Palm Beach County area. Come in and sample a delicious raw pet food and you will be sold on it! Your pets will be healthy and their allergies if they have any will be gone in weeks. We also carry a full line of Stella and Chewy Freeze Dried Cat food for your furry kitties.

Holistic Pet Cuisine
1000 Clint Moore Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33487

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