Nothing but the best! Pet Nutrition is key at Holistic Pet Cuisine!

Nothing but the Best for my Dogs!

Holistic Pet Cuisine 1000 Clint Moore Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33487–561-241-9195

I ran out of dog food today, after picking some up I realized I never shared where I go for all my pets needs. So here’s my little story.

Other than Family and a few select close friends, there is nothing more precious in my life than my dogs! 2 little ‘Very Boca’ pocket dogs who I absolutely treat as my only children.

I try to take good care of myself, eating organic and healthy, so why wouldn’t I do the same for my dogs? Well I do. My precious pooches only eat Organic Dog foods and treats from Holistic Pet Cuisine.

I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara and Howard, owners of Holistic Pet, just over 3 years ago. This was a very difficult time when my one little girl was having horrific stomach problems (no gory details). I took her to the vet and had her on so many medications, but nothing seemed to be getting better. So through my own research and a blessing I found Holistic Pet Cuisine. Through a question and answer with Barbara we tried putting my little girl on a raw diet. After a few tweaks in types of meats and amount, Barbara discovered that my little one had an allergy to poultry! Crazy I know, but this isn’t something that the vets were able to detect or really even tried to determine (they just wanted to push medicine).

So now both my girls are on a raw diet of organic venison and are both healthier than every!

Any ailments that they have had since, from teary eyes, to a random itch, Barbara and Howard were there to help and provide a cure.

Holistic Pet Cuisine, thank you for taking care of my babies!!

Coral Springs , Fla

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