Cystitis…why is it so common in cats?Holistic Pet Cuisine can help you become more proactive in preventing urinary issues in your pets.561-241-9151

The following are some common symptoms of cystitis in cats 

Cystitis in cats is an extremely painful condition. Plus, it doesn’t develop overnight so your cat has been experiencing discomfort for days or event weeks. Bloody urine or straining in the litter box and you may be just thinking he or she is actually trying to have a bowel movement but they are actually trying to urinate. In addition, urinating in all the wrong places – on the outside of the litter box or on the floor is also a sign. It’s almost as if your cat fears the litter box and does not want to go near it because they know how it is feeling every time they enter it.

Studies show that the diet and lifestyle that we’ve imposed on our cats through dry kibble and no moisture has provided a haven for these UTI’s to form.If your cat is eating kibble then please note that it absorbs water. If they don’t have access to fresh water they won’t drink it and will go around in a semi-dehydrated state. This dehydration allows the “mush” in their bladder to ball up into stones or crystals. This will lead to cat bladder stones and cystitis in cats. Help them flush this out by placing them on a wet diet for a least one meal of the day.  You might say that my cat won’t eat wet food but one of the reasons they are not eating their wet food is because you are leaving the dry food on the floor for the entire day.Dry food is so filling and high in carbs that they will not have any room for any additional canned wet food!

Think of it as an area outside that is filling up with leaves and if you do not water them down then they will build up into a larger and larger pile. Thus, struvite and calcium oxylate stones.

Struvites will form when urine is over a 7 PH.

If you want to prevent your cats frombeing placed on a veterinarian’s diet then start being pro active and try not to feed only dry food!

They need the moisture they would normally be getting from what they hunt outside. If they were outside cats! This is normal for a cat not a diet of only dry food!

Please try to incorporate not only water into their diets but a holistic, nutritious and delicious canned cat food such as Weruva .This food is low in magnesium and phosphorus.

If you are interested in checking out the low numbers to this wonderful cat food then please visit their website at and pull it up through their FAQ’s link.

Weruva comes in many great formulas and has helped many cats who have come into our market.

We have also seen an increase in dogs with struvite crystals because they too are eating a diet of only dry food!

They get dehydrated also!

Call and set up an appointment and let us introduce your pet to a healthy and holistic diet !

Be Proactive!

Please consult your vet with any changes to their diet and make them your partner.

Holistic Pet Cuisine

1000 Clint Moore Road

Boca Raton, Florida 33487



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