I am posting these testimonials to show everyone that the correct foods can help your pet live a long,healthy and active life!

just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time you took to explain the different foods and to review Bella’s issues and make recommendations.


As you know, Bella has had colitis since after she was about a year old (she is now almost 3).  She has always been on very good quality foods as I mentioned, however, about every month or so she would have an episode.  I would have to cook a bland diet and she would be better in a couple of days.  The frustrating part was that even if it went away and I was always cautious with her diet, she always had a reoccurance.


You recommended the Primal .  I’ll be honest it was hard at first with the whole raw thing, but I would try anything if I knew it would help her.  She has now been on the Primal and also during the past couple of weeks on Ziwi Peak as well.


Bella looks amazing since she started her new diet!! Her skin cleared up (she had red itchy skin and thinning hair on the belly, etc). Her ears are beautiful and pink – no more red itchy ears!! She lost at least a 1 1/2! (she is a Chihuahua so that is a lot of weight) – she looks beautiful with her new thin waist and beautiful smooth coat!


Best of all – no more colitis!!


It’s been about six weeks or so and the improvement is amazing.


Thank you so much for helping my baby!!


I will definitely recommend you and your store and the foods you recommended to all my friends.







1000 Clint Moore Road

Boca Raton, Fla 33487


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