Do you know about Stella and Chewy’s?

Have you heard about Stella and Chewy’s?

Well if you have not then you are missing out on the most nutritious and healthiest product in the Holistic Pet Food raw pet food world.

If you have reservations about feeding your dog or cat raw pet food because of  salmonella then read all the precautions that Stella and Chewy’s take to insure that your pet is safe !

The first raw meals and treats certified safe for your family and pet.
Of course, we know that you’re concerned about bringing a raw diet home for your pet. That’s why all our products are made with an exclusive high pressure process that safely eliminates the threat of harmful bacteria without sacrificing nutrition or taste.

Hydrostatic High Pressure (HHP) is a technology that “puts the squeeze” on food pathogens without cooking out vital nutrients or changing the natural taste. It’s based on the discovery that bacteria cannot survive at pressures five times those found at the deepest sea level. To date, HHP is the only scientifically recognized pasteurization process that does not use heat or irradiation to accomplish this. But that’s just one of the steps we take to protect the health of your family and pet.

    Dedicated manufacturing plant. All Stella & Chewy’s products are produced, from start to finish, at our own federally-inspected plant in Muskego, Wisconsin. 

    Clean ingredients. All of our farmers and suppliers provide Letters of Guaranty stating that their meats and produce are fresh, are unadulterated and in full compliance with all applicable federal regulations.

    Clean machines. We go far beyond the letter of the law when it comes to keeping our operation clean. Unlike many pet food companies, we clean and sanitize our equipment at the end of every day.

    HACCP compliance. We strictly follow Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Guidelines, a prevention-based food safety system established by the FDA and USDA.

    Advanced oxidation cells. To further prevent contamination by surface and air-borne pathogens during processing, we use a series of devices that emit low levels of safe, pathogen-fighting gases such as ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

    Independent laboratory testing. Not only do we have state-of-the-art food safety systems in place, but every batch is tested before shipping. We send samples to an independent laboratory to be tested for E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella.

Do you know the differences between

Freeze-dried vs. Dehydrated

When you freeze-dry a product, it starts out frozen. The ice crystals turn directly into water vapor, skipping the liquid stage. Through this process, practically all the nutritional value of the raw meat and produce is retained. In contrast, dehydrating a product requires high temperatures to evaporate the water. Since dehydrating is similar to cooking, many of the vital nutrients are lost.

if you have any questions or would like to purchase this product then please contact at 561-241-9151 or visit us on our website at

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