It works for them…how about you?

Are you skeptical about Holistic Pet Food then you be the judge after reading some testimonials. If you have a pet that has food allergies now is the time to correct those allergies and make your pet comfortable.


Maggie, nine and a half (left) and Lexi, seven, next month (right) demanded that I tell you how happy they are now and how great they feel after being on their new, raw diets that you recommended. In two weeks, Lexi will have her first ever ‘itch free’ birthday!

Born and raised in Arizona until we moved here in July, they are half-sisters from the same blue-ribbon winning dad but different blue-ribbon winning moms. “Dad was truly a stud”, they tell us!  Lexi has always had severe allergies. Her skin was continuously developing little welts and she was forever scratching and licking herself and just plain miserable. We tired everything short of the expensive allergy tests, to figure out what was wrong. The dermatologist vet thought it was the desert grass and trees and the move here might help her. It did not.

For the last year we have been making their food from the ‘human’ food we eat, thinking that might help. It did not …but it tasted pretty good! After a month on raw formulas Lexi is welt, rash and itch free! She is full of life and one, really happy and calm girl. Maggie too is a new girl. She has lost almost a whole pound, is so full of energy and has become puppy-like all over again. They both love you and thank you so much.

Roz and I too want to sincerely say ‘thank-you’ for all your patience and diligence with Lexi, our very picky eater and Maggie, who eats anything and everything! We know they are healthy and happy, their weight is right and they will probably live longer, pain free lives because of  your work. (Maybe I should try this stuff!)

Rosalynn & Walt Gorski,  November 2010

Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, Florida

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