Do you know what really causes allergies?

Animals can develop allergies to a variety of foods, insect, and inhalant allergens. These symptoms could include itching, swelling, panting, and even irritable bowel issues.

I am sure many of you are living through this issue where your dog is keeping you up all night scratching and biting at their paws ..what is a parent to do?

We hate to watch our dogs suffer so we find a way to relieve their suffering through steroids…(that will be a completely different article).

The immediate results is an improvement by suppressing the symptoms, but your dog will develop more allergies and possibly develop long term liver issues from steroids.

The questions is can we get to the bottom of this problem and I say YES.


It is very possible that your dog has a food allergy as well as a an allergic reaction to dust mites, mold, grasses or even the trees around your home.

The first thing that you can control is the possible food allergy….

Some of the top food allergens are corn, wheat, soy and grain products as well as by-products made up of who knows what?

Always, check your pet food and treats for any of the above ingredients.

The next set of food allergens can be chicken and beef  just to name a few…

The first thing you could do to help your pet feel better is to reduce your dogs diet to a food that has a single source protein…

this can be in the way of a holistic dry food or even a complete diet of holistic canned pet food.

Let Holistic Pet Cuisine help you and your pet.

After a few weeks with this change of diet you should start to see less scratching, itching or even better stools if it is a food allergy!  It is that easy!

As I said at the beginning, a dog can have a food allergy as well as an inhaled allergy…so while we can remove offending foods from a dog’s diet we cannot control pollen, dust mites, mold or the grasses and trees surrounding your homes but

you certainly can relieve your pet by wiping his paws so he does not keep the particles on his fur every time he comes in from the outdoors.

This is very simple to do with Hypoallergenic Wipes.

Just think about what our bodies would feel like if we did not shower daily!

If you need help or assistance in finding the proper holistic pet food for you dog or cat then please contact us at

You can also purchase some of our items online at

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