Is my pet overweight?

Why is my pet overweight?

Is your pet suffering with a weight issue ? It is not too late to address this. There are many dangers associated with having an overweight pet.

They might experience stress on their bones and joints,increased risk of diabetes, pancreatitis, fatty liver and possibly respiratory problems.

One of the main reasons that weight control diets do not work for your pet is that many manufacturers have tried to create a product that will fill your pet with low calorie bulk and unnecessary nutrition.

Your animal is a carnivore and must eat a diet that is in sync with his biological needs.

One of the main differences that must be noted is the large percentage of your pets calories are in the form of complex carbohydrates.

These ingredients are in the form of corn, barley, wheat, rice and soy products.

There is no need in your pets diet for a diet of HIGH carbohydrates!

The calories from carbohydrates are substituted in place of the necessary protein content found in that of  animal protein.

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