Diabetes in dogs

Here are some common signs of identifying diabetes in dogs.

Symptoms generally include weight loss, frequent urination, increased thirst, and higher than average blood glucose levels.

One way to control the blood glucose levels in your dog is to put them on a special diet that will enable you to track their carbs and sugar intake.

A diet of higher protein, lower carbohydrates will help to stabilize blood glucose levels in your dogs.

A diet of higher protein in their foods will be converted to glucose more slowly than the starch in many of the less expensive dry dog foods on the market.

Commercial foods are laden with high carbohydrates and sugar…sometimes sugar is even added as an ingredient in the ingredient list!! Pretty Amazing!!

There are many foods available that are wonderful for regulating blood sugar and insulin levels. We recommend a holistic raw diet which includes fresh vegetables and raw fruits, which contain natural

sugars and are high in nutrients and vitamins.

A raw diet is an excellent choice for controlling diabetes in some dogs.

Some brands we prefer in the raw diets are Primal, Natures Variety, Stella and Chewy’s which use human grade ingredients in their products.

Try to  choose proteins that are lower in fat they will work wonderful for you pet.

If you choose to use a holistic dry food then choose a high protein, lower carbohydrate and grain free product!

One other thing to mention and not forget is to control not only the amount of sugar in a diabetic dog’s diet but also the amount of food and the frequency with which they are fed!

Smaller meals will help to stabilize blood sugar levels!

Let Holistic Pet Cuisine and Market  help assist you in choosing the correct product to feed your dog or cat!

We offer only the healthiest and nutritious pet foods and low carb and low fat treats that will keep your pet’s immune system strong so they will live a long, healthy and enjoyable life !


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