Yes, we need something to keep our pets free of fleas and ticks but….


How safe are the “spot-on” flea killers”?

All pesticides have some degree of health risks to humans and animals.

Do you know that these spot-on flea products enter our pets’ internal organs and then move straight into
their intestines.

Have we questioned what these pesticides are doing to our pets immune system?

We need to strengthen their immune systems not depress them!

These are toxins that are running rampant through your pets’ bodies.

Maybe that is the reason why they have all kinds of skin allergies and  new cancers appearing in their bodies at such a young age.

The main ingredients in many spot-on preparations include imidacloprid, fipronil, permethrin,and pyriproxyfen.

I know you are saying what are all these ingredients doing to my pet or to me?

So, how do we continue to administer these poisons into our pets and what will happen if my pet is not protected?

To understand the risks associated with any of the flea products that are on the market you must look at the various different components in the different flea products.

Most people assume that only the “active” ingredient in a chemical product is of concern!

Well that is not true,  there are “inert” ingredients that can be as toxic as the active ingredients.

So what do some of these “active” and “inert” chemicals do to our pets?

Most vets will tell you that these products are not absorbed into our pet’s system, but have you ever smelled

your pets breath after you have applied the spot on pesticides? It is immediately absorbed into the system.

Let’s start with the four general categories of insecticides.

Fipronil,Imidacloprid, Methoprene, Permethrin

are all “active” ingredients and  carcinogens!

Skin problems such as severe itching of the skin or redness, nervous system damage such as loss of appetite or underactivity are just some of the side effects to just these few “active” ingredients.

Now, these were just the listed active ingredients! Look up the “inert” ingredients on the box and you tell me in the comments what you find!

I have many clients who visit our market and tell me that their pets start biting and scratching their bodies after  7-10 days of administering their monthly topical flea product. Does this ring a bell ?

I am not writing this blog to get into the reason why pesticide manufacturers don’t have to disclose all the ingredients in their products … I am simply making you aware of the problems associated with using spot on topical flea products.

There are many products on the market that are considered holistic and repel fleas from biting your pet’s bodies. They are not pesticides and do not always work but I am often hearing how  worried everyone is about fleas and ticks giving their pet’s all kinds of illnesses (and I agree they are the worst little itty bitty creatures) but not everyone is taking the time to question how dangerous these monthly products and what they are doing to their pets.

At Holistic Pet Cuisine and Market, we offer a wide range of organic and natural flea and tick products that MUST be applied to your pets bodies before they are taken out for their daily walks.

Visit our website at and check out all the flea and tick products that are available by some leading holistic manufacturers such as Flying Basset, Naturvet, Dr. Harvey’s, Aromadog (just to name a few) or come in and visit us at our market at 1000 Clint Moore Road in Boca Raton. 561-488-2695.

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