The benefits of tripe!

Green Beef Tripe is one of the unsung heroes of the dog food world.
Ugly, smelly and always provides a high gross-out factor, this wonderful food source is passed by without a second thought.
Most people are familiar enough to know that it’s stomach tissue. Let’s demystify tripe and what makes it “green”.
The honeycomb tripe you can find at the grocery store has been steamed, cleaned and deodorized before it lands on the butcher counter, so all of the good stuff is gone.

It’s also not very digestible for your pooch.
You don’t want to feed this to your dog. Do not feed the store bought kind!

Green tripe is the stomach lining of the cow’s “fourth” stomach, or abomasum, where the actual digestion of the grasses and grains the cow has ingested takes place.
It’s called “green” because it’s the raw stomach tissue that still contains the undigested and semi-digested grasses and grains on which the animal had been feasting.
These “remnants” of partially digested plant matter plus the naturally occurring gastric juices of the cow contain enzymes, beneficial bacteria and other nutrients that provide enormous benefit to your dog.
The strong earthy smell drives dogs wild with delight!

Let’s get into some of the benefits to green tripe.
First, dogs and puppies will experience general improvements in physical and mental (temperament) health. Puppies will thrive while eating green tripe, and senior dogs tend to experience an increase in activity and vitality in addition to an improvement in digestive issues.

Dogs with “attitude” tend to become calmer, and even dogs with chronic illnesses tend to improve.

Is green tripe the cure for all issues? No , Tripe is rich in essential fatty acids, and is a great source of protein and contains enzymes that help with doggy digestion.
But that makes sense, doesn’t it?
After all, green tripe contains all of the digestive juices of the animal from which it comes.

It is fine to add tripe to your dogs dry food diet because not only will it aid in digestion it will also add moisture to a diet that is lacking in moisture.

Dry food=10% moisture

So come by Holistic Pet Cuisine or purchase some tripe at
We have an extensive line of all kinds of tripe.

Lamb, venison, beef in raw and canned foods.

A must have for every dog owner!

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  1. Posted by The King on September 19, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Great little article on tripe, I will most definately try some next time!


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