What is in your pet’s food?


If you have visited our market then you will know that all of our products that are featured are made in the USA and Canada in human grade factories.

We take GREAT pride in providing your pet with only the best sources of human grade ingredients in their dog/cat food as well as

product safety in your pet’s toys, treats and supplements.

For those that are visiting the blog for the first time , please take the time and enjoy some of the stories that I have posted in

previous days.


First, Take a good look at the ingredients that are in your pet’s food. If the first  3-5 ingredients are not a top animal protein such as chicken,beef, venison, OR real human grade animal protein then you are not giving you pet the necessary amino acids that they need for a healthy immune system.

You are not getting what you are paying for

Be cautious and check ingredients and don’t forget  the country of origin!

If it is not stated on the bag then call the manufacturer and ask them for this information.

Most pet food manufacturers will substitute with inferior ingredients that will not give your pet the right balance for a

healthy immune system!

Not only can the wrong ingredients weaken your pets immune system it can cause all kinds of pet related issues they will cost you more money and excess visits to your veterinarian!

Why put your pet through that?

Give your pet what they need most …not antibiotics, steroids and all the other added medicines that are given to you as a

BAND AID for simple solutions!

Start them off on a complete pet food and you will see the results in a matter of weeks!

Ask yourself one question, would I serve a meal of by -products, gluten, and fillers for  my family ?

If that answer is NO then why feed it to your pet?

Tomorrow, I will discuss what is considered BY-PRODUCTS in your pet’s food!!

Watch for “buzzwords”

Off to the market!



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Barbara Ratner on September 19, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    I will clarify the Made In the USa…I am aware of the Canada…we sell NOTHING made in China.


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