All in a day’s work…

A client came in and told me he had a Boxer that was 8 years old. He was also a healthy and energetic dog. Upon moving to Florida, his Boxer developed a problem with all of his paws.
Not knowing what this was, he visited many vets just to realize that his dog had a severe fungus .
It started off small and developed  over each toe (at the base of where his toe nail grew in)… He said it  looked like little “pimples” or raised bumps surrounding the base of the toe. It really hurt him as he walked. He tried every possible antibiotic but nothing would clear it up. Skeptical about trying something new, he decided to give the silver protein that I mentioned early on at the start of my blog.
If you remember the silver protein is an anti fungal liquid that when used really works!
So,he started using silver protein daily as a topical on these raised bumps and to his surprise they are all gone.

Just remember that you could add the silver protein to your pet’s water or use it as a topical anti fungal on the skin…It truly works wonders!!

It is really a great product to have in your first aid kit for your pet.

You can purchase yours from

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Barbara Ratner on September 11, 2009 at 2:38 am

    This response is from Dwight:

    Thank you Barbara for recommending the Flying Basset silver protein for my pet’s feet. At first I thought it was a grass allergy but the silver protein has cleared it up 100%. I continue to use it as a maintenance program so that it will not return. Thank you Holistic Pet Cuisine!


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