Does your pet food have any of these ingredients on the label?

The reason I started this blog is to inform and help my readers and customers come to a better understanding of the decisions we make for their pets. For those of you that come to Holistic Pet Cuisine and Market:  you have heard this already and are living with an allergy free pet!

I am so frustrated when I see so many pets come into our store on a daily basis with many treatable food allergies. After numerous visits to their vets and allergists, our clients are frustrated with seeing their pets suffer. They are also tired of giving their pets medicines as well as their monthly allergy shots. (sound familiar?).

I see more food allergies coming through my doors at Holistic Pet Cuisine that are completely treatable without the use of these conventional means. In the days ahead, I will be sharing with you all of the wonderful stories that I have come across and  I hope you will enjoy them and hopefully relate to them.

If you find your dog has any symptoms, then please write into me and I can help guide you in making your pet “allergy free”.

I bet you thought I was going to tell you to go holistic! If you did then you were right!!

Stick with me and I will clue you into some of the things you can do to help your pet!

More in the following days…


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