Did you know?

Did you know that most commercial kibbles often have allergens in them.

Did you know that some less expensive pet food have a longer shelf life and because of this they could also have mites that get into the bags from sitting for long periods of time in warehouses and stores.

Did you know that many dogs are allergic to these mites and wind up ingesting these  and thus leading a life filled with “allergies”.

Did you know that holistic pet food has a shorter shelf life and if you purchased it in a pet food store that is reputable then you can be sure there are no pesky mites in your pet’s food.

Could this be a cause of so many allergies, too?

If you are on a commercial pet food then you should ask yourself the following:

  • Are there preservatives in the food my dog or cat is eating?
  • Is there corn, wheat or soy (or all) in the ingredients?
  • Is there “chicken and chicken by products in the ingredients?  (like in the Prescription Diets!)

If you can answer yes to any off those questions and your pet has allergies then now is the time to change!

Many vets are not trained in diet issues and will just tell you to go buy their Prescription diets formulas but I find these ingredients make matters worse! Why can’t they get to the bottom of this problem? Why do they just fall back on medicines?

Does your dog or cat display any of these symptoms?

  • chronic ear infections
  • biting at their paws
  • scratching and biting at their bellies (and they do not have fleas)
  • welts or hives
  • vomiting its food
  • loose or runny stools

Then your dog has allergies that can be corrected!

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