Daisy’s Success





I should have opened with a story about why we opened Holistic Pet Cuisine and Market, but I chose to start by giving you information that I thought was more important to you.

Holistic Pet Cuisine and Market has been a labour of love for me and my husband.

In the last three years, after seeing thousands of customers come into the market, I have realized that all of our clients were having common symptoms ranging from ear infections, skin issues, vomiting, loss of hair, and colitis–just to name a few. Daily tracking of these issues revealed a commonality to all of them: the food or treats that they were ingesting.

After keeping track of each and every common symptom in every dog that came in, I  managed to identify and solve many food related issues that I was confronted with on a daily basis. It was shocking to think that these animals were incorrectly diagnosed!

Daisy came to us in October 2008 with uncontrollable vomiting and chronic intestinal issues! Her owner was at her wits end. Daisy visited one veterinarian after another for a total of five who scoped her twice and did an ultrasound on all her organs. (We know what that must have cost!). After all that, the last vet  started her on prednisone in June 2008. He told her that the prednisone will reduce the inflammation and help Daisy digest her food properly. Well, no results!

Daisy ‘s mom was determined  not keep her on the prednisone but give her foods that she would be able to digest without the help of medicine…

Well, she called me and said “help!” She lived over an hour away in Ft. Lauderdale but she still made the trip.

The veterinarian was trying to reduce the inflammation in the gut through the use of medicine (just to let you know she has been visiting her veterinarian on a monthly basis and he was completely monitoring her as well).

I suggested that she give the intestines a chance to “calm” down and the only way to accomplish this would be to narrow down the assortment and the amount of food going into her gut.

First, we placed her on a well known raw diet that she was able to tolerate and was not allergic to.  After many weeks of being on this single source protein her owner start weening her of of the prednisone. After several months of seeing success, we knew it was the right time to introduce into her diet another protein (still weening off the prednisone) This was also well tolerated!

The next step for Daisy was to alternate the protein, fruit and vegetables every other day so as to not overload her digestion.We then added a excellent probiotic and an unbelievable enzyme to assist her in the breakdown of her food. The final straw was a great skin and coat supplement that supplied her with additional vitamins as well as an Omega 3, 6, 9 and as of today, August 22, 2009 Daisy has been off of prednisone for a total of 45 days!

Daisy and her owner will stay on this diet forever and never go back on the prednisone! She has finally regained her freedom from her daily routine of vomiting!!!

Her veterinarian is in shock and disbelief that Daisy is thriving, growing and given the freedom that medicines  in her case did not help!

Please note that this might not woRk for all dogs but let us find the right foods and make it work for you too…!

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  1. Posted by Valerie on August 29, 2009 at 1:06 am

    I know Daisy and her Mother…..Great people and I know her Mom was doing everything that she could do to help Daisy and her stomach problem. Its great to read this and see Daisy doing so well now. GREAT WORK DAISY’S MOM AND HOLISTIC PET CUISINE!


  2. great dog-ha-yes-thank you Barbara-I was one sick dog-without warning while sound asleep , I would just vomit -I was so depressed and embarrassed. My mom changed sheets at 4:00 am many nights, I do let her sleep with me. I went from 18 lbs(I was a little chubby) down to 10.5 lbs in 5 months-not so great. that was getting scary. I think you saved us. I am now a nice 13 lbs and I am keeping my girlish figure. I am no longer a burden , very happy and I adore meal times. I eat with a ferocious appetite, and the raw food is awesome. I do not belch -I do not pass wind (and you know us boston terriers have that problem) my coat shines and I am a miracle. I wish more folks would learn fast-it really is the way to go -raw food is simple-flying basset sure is terrific too , but most of all you knowledge of all the ingredients-your stick-tu-it-tiveness-never giving up-thinking of combos that finally gave me back my life-I am prescription free -clean and natural-WOW-you are amazing with your goodies. I hope more folks learn to push true their problems-not give up and keep trying new things until they get it right. thank you-thank you Barbara-your dedication is truly appreciated-bravo and woof-woof-your daisy and darcy


  3. Posted by Barbara Ratner on August 29, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    We worked hard to get Daisy better! The many daily emails of her progress made me feel super!I think we finally got there!! Feel great Daisy!!


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